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EQUINOX PUBLISHING (Shelburne, VT) and THE PROSE-POEM PROJECT are pleased to announce the publication of a new anthology of prose poems entitled CLASSIFIEDS — a delightful collection of "classifieds" written in the form of prose poems by over 70 writers and poets from all over the US and 4 other countries.



CLASSIFIEDS: An Anthology of Prose Poems
ISBN 978-0-9845659-3-1
201 pages
5.5 X 8; 14 oz shipping weight
perfect bound

Available on Amazon; here, at Equinox Publishing or at our companion website, The Prose-Poem Project.
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From the back of the book:

CLASSIFIEDS is an anthology that brings an early form of the 200-year-old prose poem — the “object poem” — to its modern-day outer edges: the object and all its usual associations deconstructed. Where readers of ordinary Classifieds must be satisfied with the shorthand that compartmentalizes, categorizes, and otherwise reduces commodities to their physical properties or monetary value, these poems dissolve that constraint. Where traditional Classifieds hide the real story, these — as poems will — reveal the disturbance driving each proposed transaction. Naturally, this collection also expands the concept of what constitutes object. 

Sometimes poignant, sometimes amusing, these announcements were written by writers as varied, and as unbeknownst to each other, as community members placing the entries in any Classifieds newspaper section. Part of the spirit of this collection is the sense of synchronicity that brings these particular “notices”  together.


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